Support Packages

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We pride ourselves on the level and quality of our support and to the best of our knowledge think all our customers would agree. As WCP grows we recognise that the responsibilty to our customers is changing.

Whilst we intend to continue the quality of support for all users at no cost, we are now also offering a Gold Support Package for a small yearly premium.

The Gold Support Package provides you with priority access to a WCP expert that can resolve any issues you may encounter and answer any queries or questions you have. This dedicated support package is available for any customers who would like the reassurance that this extra level of support would provide.

Please find below the features of our Basic support and some of the benefits that you will receive in the Gold Support Package.

Basic Support Package Free

Our Basic Support Package allows you to receive non urgent support and help and includes the following benefits:

  • 1 Month Gold Support

    As a new user you will recieve free Gold Support for the first month of use.

  • Email Support Only

    For any problems or questions you will get full support via email.

  • 72 Hour Response Time

    We will get back to you with an answer in a maximum of 72 working hours.

  • Critical Software Updates for Version 2

    All critical software updates to version 2 of the software.

  • Natured Updates for Version 2

    You will receive other updates upto a year after they are released to Gold support members.

Gold Support Package £60.00 a Year

Our Gold Support Package gives you complete piece of mind for under £5 a month, including everything in the Basic Support Package plus the following additional benefits:

  • Priority Email and Online Support

    Faster response times via email and also MSN access to one of our team.

  • Faster Response Times

    This means you get support much quicker than our standard 72 hours.

  • Direct Access to Development Team

    Your support queries are dealt with directly by development staff or project managers.

  • Access to Online Ticketing System

    Access to our online support ticket system where you can raise support tickets and track their progress online.

  • Free Updates for Version 2

    All software updates and features to the core product will be free for version 2.

  • Remote Assistance

    We will provide you with remote assistance, meaning we will log onto your machines and take control of your PC to assist with your query where needed.