Importing Date From George

If you would like to import your data into WCP from George you need to follow these instructions.

Exporting Your Data

  • 1) Download the latest version of the George export utility (V1.18)
  • 2) Export your customer list as individual rounds using the export utility. You can include Live, Suspended and Completed customers.

    Note: If you have a large number of customers then this may take some time.
    Also make sure that you name each file individually, it helps to include the round name in the file name.

  • 3) Export your debts as one file (GEODEBT.CSV).
  • 4) Export your expenses (GEOEXPNS.CSV)
  • 5) By this stage you should have a folder containing all your exported customers, debts and your expenses

Importing Your Data

  • 1) Download the two files George Import Utility V1.4 and this file and save them to C:\Window Cleaner Pro
  • 2) Open up Window Cleaner Pro and go to Tools -> George Import Utility
  • 3) Firtsly reset the database to prepare for import by clicking the Reset Database button in the top right hand corner.

  • 4) Once this is completed you need to click the Browse button and locate one of the customer files you exported.
    Once selected enter a name for this round and click Fetch My Data.

    Your data will be imported into a new tab. Here you can edit the data by clicking in the cells. You can remove the round by clicking the Remove Round button in the bottom left hand corner.

  • 5) Perform step 4 for each round that you have. Each one will be created in a new tab
  • 6) Once all your rounds have been imported, click the Next button in the bottom right hand corner
  • 7) In this screen, the customer file should be prepopulated. You need to select the debts file and expenses file that you exported. Click Browse and locate these 2 files.

    Once you have selected these files click the Import Data button. The boxes will go grey and the program will start importing your data. Once it has compelted it will present you with a confirmation box showing you how many records were imported.

    Note: If any debts could not be matched to a customer you will need to add them manually after you have restarted.

  • 8) Click Restart and when WCP loads again you should have all your customers imported.

  • () If you have any problem or would like us to do this for you please email us or chat to us on Live Help and we will help you where we can.