Still to Come

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At Window Cleaner Pro we want our software to grow with your business and be adaptive to changes in the industry. As with any software we had to draw a line under the features that would be included in the current release.

Our current customers are constantly helping us by letting us know how we can improve our software, here are just some of the things still in the development pipeline:

These are just a list they are in no particular order.

  • - Adding Details to transactions
  • - Vehicles and mileage
  • - Google map integration for round overviews
  • - Employees, timekeeping and team managment
  • - Adding notes and other options to Calendar
  • - Payment terms and penelties
  • - More complex invoices and receipt formats
  • - Auto backup
  • - Remote storage area for shared data
  • - Customer history and Statement of Accounts
  • - Tagging
  • - Pre-raising invoices for worksheet / day
  • - Free form search
  • - Scheduling of worksheets
  • - Colour coding of figures on worksheet
  • - Toggle what information is displayed on worksheet/PDA
  • - Emailing customers and documents
  • - Marketting module
  • - Quoting system
  • - A5 Invoices
  • - Report to show jobs due between dates
  • - Report to show hourly wage
  • - Toggle which columns are show on each screen
  • - Daily report
  • - Moving all jobs forward X number of days
  • - Enter billing information against a job
  • - Report managment

One of the previous comments was to include a 'Contact' button in the application. This means that while you are using the software if you happen to think of an improvment you can click the 'Contact' button, type in your suggestion/comment directly in the program and send it to us - no more hunting for email addresses or contact details.

If you would like any more information please contact us.