Window Cleaner Pro - Contacting Us

Due to the time involved in monitoring the forums we have decided to suspend them for the time being.

The easiest and fastest way to get in touch with us is via our contact us page.

This page will now be dedicated to listing the changes in the updates to Window Cleaner Pro

Window Cleaner Pro - FAQ's

How to add multiple jobs for a single customer

This scenario is best described when you have a letting agent with a couple of properties. The letting agent is the billing address but the work is to be carried out at different locations.

For example:

Fox and Sons - 123 High Street, Hailsham are the letting agent and the billing address who the invoice should be raised and sent to.

However they need to show on the invoice where the work was actually carried out.

For example:

  • 12 May 2010 - Window Cleaning @ 2 Cromer Way, Hailsham - 10.00
  • 13 May 2010 - Window Cleaning @ 4 Rope Walk, Hailsham - 15.00

In order to do this you need to add Fox and Sons as the customer and then add the billing address (123 High Street) and all the other addresses that you clean.

To add Fox and Sons:

  • 1) Add a new Job and click Add Customer
  • 2) Enter the details about Fox and Sons
  • 3) Add all three addresses
  • 4) Click Save Details

This will take you back to the Add Job screen but will default in 123 High Street (or the first address you entered in step 3 above). To change the address:

  • 1) Click Find Customer
  • 2) Search for Fox and Sons and it will list all three addresses.
  • 3) Select the one that want for this Job by highlighting the row and click Select Customer

This will then select Fox and Sons as the customer but change the address to the one you just selected in step 3.

Once you have filled all the Job details click Save Details and it will add the new job to the system.

If you then add work for this job and then raise an invoice you will see that the sent to address defaults to the first one (123 High Street) and the line item contains the service and address location (2 Cromer Way) - See attached image

If you already have Fox and Sons added, simply click Add Job, then click Find Customer and add a new address. Then continue with the steps outlined above.

When I do an update it asks me for a username and password?

When updating on Windows Vista and Windows7 you maybe asked for a username and password. This is due to permission on these operating systems.

In order to get round this you simply right click on the WCP icon and choose 'Run as Administrator', this will start WCP and load the update.

What is Reconciliation?

A number of our customers have been asking what Reconciliation and why it was added.

Previously the system just kept a running total of the work done and the payments made. However it only calculated the payments based on the VAT rate that was in play when you added the payment.

This was incorrect and if I give you the worst case scenario it will help to explain.

  • In October 2009 the business was not VAT registered.
  • They did a clean for a customer at £10.00 (£10.00 Net, £0.00 VAT)
  • No payment taken.
  • In December they went VAT registered @ 15%
  • They did some more work for the customer again at £10.00 (£8.70 Net, £1.30 VAT)
  • No payment taken.
  • In January the VAT rate changed to 17.5%
  • They completed some more work in January at £10.00 (£8.51 Net, £1.49 VAT)
  • No payment taken

In February the customer settles his outstanding bill of £30.00

In the previous version it would simply say that in Feb you have taken in £30.00 and calculated the VAT based on the current VAT rate of 17.5% (£25.53 Net and £4.47 VAT)

However this is incorrect as the work done over the past couple of cleans actually have different VAT rates applied.

The correct amount of VAT you should be paying is £2.79 (£1.30 + £1.49)

If you simply take a payment and do not allocate it to a clean the system has no way of being able to calculate the VAT due. The payment is NOT treated as income as you have now work to show how you earned that income. Consequently you are not liable for tax.

One of the other advantages of reconciling payments is that it allows the system to calculate how overdue each payment is. This is now reflected on the debt screen as it shows each clean and its corresponding overdue time in days.

This will ultimately allow us to leverage this data in other future updates for features like chasing up overdue payments and adding penalties.

I hope that helps explain a little more about reconciliation.

Window Cleaner Pro - Updates

Update - 22nd April 2010

Updates for version

  • Fixed print out of accounts as it was not relecting what was shown on screen.
  • Added the ability to add new line to invoices.
  • Tick/untick all on invoice screen fixed.
  • Various other features and bugs that users have reported since

Update 2.4 - 26th March 2010

Updates for version 2.4

  • Sorting the debt list by Last Cleaned Date.
  • Reconciliation. This gives you the ability to reconcile payments to actual work done. This also has the added benefit or knowing how man days a payment is late in the debt list.
  • Ability to hide table columns by right clicking in the details area of a table and selecting which columns to show/hide.
  • Unlimited text on footer of the Invoice and Receipt.
  • Maintains the order of the jobs on a worksheet.
  • Maintains the order of the worksheet based on when you added them.
  • Bug in Calendar and repeated jobs fixed.
  • Ability to sort list by drag and drop.
  • Sorting the debt list by address now orders correctly.
  • Syncing notes from the PDA has been fixed.
  • Various screens have been re-modeled so they fit on smaller screen sizes.
  • On the job edit screen you can now add time upt o 999 hours.
  • Ability to change the date that a tag was assigned.
  • Show previous payments on the invoices.
  • Debt list now shows how late a customer is in paying.
  • Dent list shows any jobs that have unreconciled payments (Highlights in Cyan).
  • Bundled with Java 1.6 to solve problems with Java 7.
  • When changing from various statuses to Active it now asks you for the next clean date.
  • Ability to add Negative expenses.
  • Change the Job History screen to add toolbar instead of buttons on the right hand side.
  • Changed Clean to Work Done and Payments to Settlements. Also added the ability to add Credits and Debits to a users accounts.
  • Added setting whether to include or exclude Tips in your accounts.
  • Fixed the order of the Daily Summary report and also added the ability to show all work and payments on separate lines.
  • Added the ability to "Ghost" work on the Wall Planner. This will show you work in the future based on the date and frequency of the job.
  • Changed the round value calculations at the bottom of the Round screen. Instead of giving you a total, it now splits by frequency.
  • Added shorter timeout for finding an internet connection for startup.
  • Default the payment method to the way that the customer last paid.
  • Double click on a record in the End of Day now opens the Job Edit screen.
  • If you enter a different price in the End of Day screen you now have the option of using it as the new price.
  • Ability to completely customise invoice, receipts and worksheets - Please contact us to find out more information.
  • Added the days late column to the Debt print out.
  • Added the account to the Accounts and Expense report.